We’ve all heard of Tantric sex, and that’s about as far as most of us know about it. Sure, we’ve heard all about Sting and the hours-long orgasms, but what exactly is Tantra and can it really enhance your lovemaking?

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Tantra is a centuries old spiritual path which began in India and is rooted in Hindu and Buddhist philosophies. Although the sexual aspect of Tantra is the most widely known, the practice also involves study, meditation, and breathe work.

There’s no real formulae or set of rules for Tantra, just a few basic guidelines to get you started. Tantric sex is all about slowing down and dialing into each other’s energy. Kinky sex chat  often happens at a very frenetic pace!  In Tantra, sex itself is a journey and an experience to be relished without concentrating on the end goal of orgasm.

Concentrating on your breathing ( like with yoga) , maintaining eye contact, and slow deliberate motions are the mainstays of a Tantric session.

The most popular position for Tantric sex is called yab yum. It’s a sitting position with both partners facing each other, arms and legs entwined with intense eye contact and small slow deliberate movements.

Combining the male (yab) and female (yum) energies in this way makes for an experience that is transcendent.

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