Oral Fixation

Talk Free With Trial On Best Chatline NumberOral Fixation is one of the most common sexual fetishes. And let me tell you, I am secretly obsessed with oral sex.  Or anything oral, really! My name is Karah, and I recently found this chatline, Taboo-Chat.

Oral Sex very often

Even though I give my husband (and some other guys… and women…) oral sex very often, I still find myself wanting more. I want to talk to people about it.  Brag about it, ask for tips. And see if it turns other people on as much as it does for me.

Well obviously, I can’t go around asking my friends these types of things. That is why I was so excited to find Taboo Chat.

oral fixation women using their tongue
Chat With Horny Women

I had just finished sucking my husband’s enormous dick.  And still had some of his cum dribbling down my neck, and I wanted more.

For once, he was wiped out -completely spent. Begging got me nowhere.  So to get me to leave him alone to rest he actually suggested that I try this out!

Naughty without the guilt of cheating

I was ecstatic to have his permission. And able to do something that feels naughty without the guilt of cheating.  Literally the best of all worlds.

The first guy that I talked with was thrilled to find a woman that was as fixated on oral sex as he was. We talked about it, he described his giant mushroom head cock to me.

she wore a pearl necklace
Oral Fixation Chat Line

And soon enough I had my lips wrapped around my fingers.  He was telling me how he liked it, where I should put my tongue…

At the end of it, he told me that he exploded wildly –streaming jizz everywhere.

I love giving head to women, too. Their pussies are so soft and delicate, and always seem to smell and taste so nice.

I love the surprise of coming across a lesbian on the straight chat lines.  I am very open to chatting with women.  Especially describing how I would tease her clit and nibble her outer lips.  And then slide my tongue inside of her, drinking in all of her wetness.

Deeply engrossed in my erotic description

The other day, I caught my husband listening in.  He was at the door while I was deeply engrossed in my erotic description with this outrageously aroused woman on the other end of the line.  She was moaning and I could hear her bedframe creaking as she rocked her hips back and forth.

My husband couldn’t help himself! (He definitely has a fetish for oral fixation).  So he started jerking off to what I was saying.  But I invited him in.  And after I finished the delicious chat with that hot lady, I got on my knees in front of him.  I took his entire length deep down my throat, running my tongue up and down his shaft and stroking all over his balls.

Chat With A Mistress FreeI told the next man I connected with over the phone all about that experience.  And he thought it was one of the hottest things that he had ever heard.

Bragging what I could do to his cock

I described everything in great detail, and then started bragging to him just how skilled I was with my mouth.  Right down to exactly what I would do to his big, throbbing cock. Using everything – my lips, tongue and throat.

fingers in the mouth is a sign of oral fixation
Wild Sextalk Phone Chat

Sometimes I think that I like describing oral fixations, and oral sex, on the chat lines even more than I like doing it in real life!

Over the phone, fantasies can go in any which direction you like. And yet they always seem perfect.

One man once requested that I start blowing my husband so that he could listen. A total voyeur if I ever heard one! I was sure to make it a noisy blowjob. With lots of juicy slathering and sounds of humming and moaning.

The man started instructing my husband about what to do.  Hold her head, fuck her throat, faster, deeper… I actually orgasmed, it was so intense!