Uniform Fantasy

Talk Free With Trial On Best Chatline NumberDo you have a thing for sexy uniform women?  You are not alone. Hey there, I’m Cassandra.  Sit back and relax while I share with you some insight about my job as a female police officer.

Around where I work it’s a major “boy’s club”.  All day long I’m in constant contact with men – coworkers and perps alike.

Sometimes I have a guy in the back seat behind the mesh screen.  I glance at the rearview mirror and catch him watching me. I get the feeling that he is turned on.  Actually I get that a lot.

Certain allure that gets guys revved up

My uniform really has a certain allure that gets guys super revved up.  It’s a dominance thing.  Overall I’m fairly petite.  But even big, muscular “macho” guys secretly want to be controlled some of the time!

It goes both ways, really.  I do find myself thinking I would like to be under that guy in the back seat.  And let him have his way with me.  There are times when it takes a whole lot of self-control not to rub one out through my uniform.Why do guys get so hot for sexy uniform women?My colleagues probably don’t notice.  But just for fun I like to intentionally leave my top two buttons undone (to cock tease the jailbirds).  It could definitely cost me my badge!

That’s why I find this chat line very useful as an anonymous outlet to relate how my day went.  Guys on the line are so eager to hear how wet I get.  Especially while I’m reading a man his rights and he looks me straight in the eyes.

Or how my nipples harden when I feel a criminal staring.  He can’t help but notice the tantalizing expanse of my cleavage spilling out from the top of my uniform.  I’m such a bitch with a capital B…yeah I know.

Curious why guys are so hot for sexy uniform women?

You’ll find answers on Taboo-Chat.  Just call 1-509-876-5988 –call now!

I tell the guys on the adult chatline all of my erotic fantasies.  Usually centered around the men that are brought into the station throughout the day.

I really wish the interrogation room wasn’t so heavily monitored!  Otherwise, I could sneak a guy in during the night shift and get him to fuck my brains out on that table.

Another scenario that enters my head is imagining the guy and me inside a jail cell.  And I cuff him to the bars and tear down his pants.  Then I thoroughly humiliate him by paddling his ass raw with the back of my clipboard.

The men on the line really put me at ease.  A few guys I have even invited back to my place and we had some of the wildest times I’ve ever had.

Roleplay he’s the perp I arrested

There was a particular guy heavily sexy uniform women.  He felt comfortable with a bit of role play. So he acted as if he was the perp that I had arrested.  And instead of taking him to the station, I drove him to my house for a marathon fuck session.

God, he came so much; it was such a huge job to clean it all off my uniform later. (Thank goodness he helped!). I hook up with him on the Taboo Chatline all the time and tell him every dirty detail of my latest fantasies.

There are times I cannot even wait for my shift to end – so I call in when I get the patrol car all to myself.  It gets me extremely hot whenever I meet new men who tell me how they like banging women of the law.

My imagination is constantly coming up with fantasies I would love to share. Never a dull moment in my life.