Masturbation Chat Line

Talk Free With Trial On Best Chatline NumberThe Masturbation Chat Line will likely floor you.  You’ll even be somewhat amazed over the types of hot, sexy messages you receive. Countless interesting and alluring people will choose to speak to you.

Furthermore, besides being fully entertaining, masturbation itself has some beneficial side effects.  Women find themselves increasing their sex drive.  And becoming naturally lubricated much more easily.  Men often find that practicing masturbation regularly can help cure them of erectile dysfunction.

Euphemisms for masturbation

Certainly there are tons of highly creative euphemisms for masturbation that people have come up with over the years.  Men could be consulting Dr. Jackoff, jerkin’ the gherkin or spanking the monkey.  How about strangling the cyclops, pulling the pope, wrestling the eel or burping the worm?  Or maybe playing pocket pinball, oozing your noodle or just plain old wanking.

While there is also no shortage of terms for the ladies either.  Paddling the pink canoe is an old standard.  Newer terms include getting lost in the deep end, Jillin’ of and enjoying some DIY time.  But how about fanning the fur, checking the undercarriage and having a girls’ night in?  Or the tried and true: buttering your muffin.

The BEST element is being anonymous

The real enjoyment of the Masturbation Chatline – and frankly the BEST element of all – is that you may be anonymous. No one will be aware of who you are.  And likewise you won’t be able to detect who are either.

Masturbation Chat Phone Sex Numbers 1-509-876-5988

Normally people populate chat lines. Everyday men and women that are identical to you in many respects.

  1. They are attempting to have a secure and safe chat. And enjoy the satisfaction that goes with that.
  2. Still sometimes you will get responses from individuals that desire hard-core sex-chat.  Or perhaps others who will want to meet up in person.
  3. There are so many different types of persons who call the chatline. The sheer variety will astound you.

Then you can quickly decide who you want to connect with.  Be it an amazing guy or titillating gal.

In addition to regular masturbation, you might incorporate other fetishes.  Like being blindfolded while receiving masturbation.  How about a women using her toes to coax an erection out of you?

To say nothing of the many are ready and willing to talk or masturbate with you.  But there are any number of other fun things you could engage in.

Consequently just be yourself.  Or make up a fabulous character.  Some identity outside your current wonderful, slutty self.