Dirty Talk 101

Talk Free With Trial On Best Chatline NumberDo you feel like you need a crash course on how to talk dirty?

Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone!  Many people want to do it, but getting starting seems intimidating, sometimes strange and very awkward.  If you give it a little thought before your go time, you can practice running through some roleplay scenarios and come up with some things to say.  Play around and brainstorm a bit.  You will discover new and exciting things about yourself, and probably have LOADS of things to say.

Some tips to help get you started are listed here.

1. Express Your Desires.  Use dirty talk to get your point across, and share what exactly you are looking to experience or what is on your mind.

2.  Timing is Everything. Find your rhythm and go with the flow of sext chat conversation. Its not important to talk the entire time, pauses are good too. There really are no steadfast rules, everyone moves at their own pace.

3.  Vanilla Chat.  You can ease your way into a sexy convo with a new person by just chatting with them about casual topics.  Let it lead naturally into hot talk, if the chemistry is right.

4.  Be a Narrator.  Describe to your partner ALL the things you are doing to yourself, how you feel as you do it, what you are wearing, if you have glasses or red hair, where you are at,  the exact position you are in, how the environment around you is, etc etc.

5.  Flattery will get you everywhere!  Shower your partner with loads of compliments. How you like the sound of their voice, and the things it does to you. Encourage them to talk more, appreciate their sensual vocal talents.

6. Set the Tone.  The words themselves are not nearly as crucial as the tone that they are said.  Are you a Dom? Speak loud and forcefully.  Want to play Submissive? Your words would be spoken soft and shyly -until your Master or Mistress tells you otherwise! 😉