Pole Dancer-Stripper Fetish

Talk Free With Trial On Best Chatline NumberYou might have a Stripper Fetish if you find yourself dreaming of an intimate interaction with a pole dancer. The first time I used Taboo Chat, I was telling a guy about how my work had gone.

I knew that it was the perfect cherry on top to my occupation. I love my job!  It makes this hot country girl feel powerful and beautiful and crazy sexy. Poles aren’t the only thing I dance on.  I twist and toss my hair and arch my back.  Gasping for breath as my hips sway and my body curves back and forth.

Guys always raise their eyebrows as how flexible I am. Full on bendy like a Barbie doll, that’s me.  What I love most of all is how everyone stops to stare at me when I start to slip off my clothes.

sexy stripper fetish fantasy chatWhen I go home most nights I’m feeling VERY excited.  Turned on from my co-workers, I think I have lesbian fantasies.  I get so horny, I end up searching for something to satisfy that. Once I started talking to guys about how wet I am after stripping.  And what happened at work to get me so hot, I was hooked.

Down to the dirtiest details

In my life, I can’t really talk to many people about what I do for a living. But on this particular chatline, taboo chat, I can talk about everything!  Down to the tiniest and dirtiest details. The men that I chat to go crazy over it.

I think I even have a stripper fetish myself! And if there is one thing that makes me feel blissfully seductive, it is driving men crazy.

stripper fetish hookups on taboo chatAnd so I tease the guys who seem to exhibit a stripper fetish. How I slowly remove one piece of clothing, and then another… I always feel gratified when I hear their moans of pleasure. As they imagine my tanned and perfect naked body in front of them.

Describing my long blonde hair as it flips in the purple lights of the club.  My heavy natural double D’s, and my long legs wrapped around the pole.

Sometimes, while I dance, I get so turned on that I cum in my panties. My sweet wetness drips down my legs, making them shiny with my pleasure.

One man on the chat line, I told him about how that had happened earlier on my shift. He actually came right then, he found it so sexy to think of.

Pole Dancer Stripper Fetish makes my pussy tingle

Now, when I strip, I am always looking at things and thinking: “I can tell them that on the chat line!” Or, “the guys on the chat will love that juicy detail…” As I twirl on the pole and start feeling my pussy tingle.  I am start looking forward to chatting about it later.

what kind of kinky stripper fetish women do you likeOnce a guy that I connected with over the phone actually ended up coming into my club.  Because I told him where it was. He introduced himself, and I recognized his deep, commanding voice.

I was even more turned on than usual, mixing reality and fantasy. For the rest of the night, I danced for him. My eyes fixed on him, proudly asking with my gaze “Aren’t I just as good as I described when we chatted?”

At the end of the night, we stumbled outside the club, hands all over each other.  Kissing wildly, I ended up doing a private dance for him right then and there.

It was one of the sexiest nights of my life – and coming from me, that’s saying a lot!