Taboo Stories

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And online here you can browse the storyteller bios and select their erotic adult stories to read.  New chapters posted all the time, check back frequently. As sexy (or even better!) than erotic fiction you might find elsewhere.

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Stories that will keep you hanging on the edge of your seat, and begging for more. Engaging, twisted tales of intrigue and mystery.  Thus expanding your horizons to new realms you have not even dared to dream about. Such as adult Roleplay fantasies.

Delve in with an Open Mind

The world of taboo fantasy is ever expanding, which is especially relevant as people develop new fetishes all the time. Delve in with an open mind, and come along for the ride.

When you call the Taboo Chatline you’ll never know when one of these story tellers might be on the line themselves.  You may encounter them yourself and be lucky enough to connect in Live Chat one on one.  Then you can take the story further with them and create a whole new secret fantasy to share.

Or if you are just feeling like lubing the tube, stroking the one-eyed snake, beating the bologna, you can accomplish this when you listen.  Ladies too enjoy erotic tales while rubbing the nub, polishing the pearl or petting the kitty.

Enhance your lovemaking

Spice up your love life by sharing adult fantasy stories with your intimate partner.  You may discover new ways to enhance your lovemaking.  Experts say when couple engage together over a story it makes their bond even stronger.

Even if you consider yourself inhibited or even a prude, hearing fantasy stories told by others, whether real or not, helps you become more comfortable in your own sexuality.  You can then imagine yourself experiencing these scenarios as if you were living them firsthand.