I have never been shy or embarrassed to talk about sex, but it was difficult for me to talk dirty one on one and have steaming hot conversations with people. That is until I discovered the sexy chat lines.

It came so easy to me, especially when you are chatting with somebody that makes you feel comfortable with yourself. No matter what society wants us to believe we are all so similar. We all have the same needs and desires.

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We all want to be loved, liked and wanted, and when it comes to sex we all want it. We all want to feel like we are desired and needed.

You will be surprised how like-minded we all actually really are. I love to make other people feel good about themselves. It makes me feel good about myself. I get such a kick out of it.

I normally start by complimenting the other person on the way they sound. Whispering sweet words into somebody’s ears taste like honey in my mouth and I always picture the way it makes them feel.

Sexy husky voices also really get me hot and that’s normally when the kinky side of me starts popping it’s head out and the animal is unleashed.

After spending a lot of time on the fetish sex chat lines I have become quite the master in making love with words.

Do not be shy, you will see it’s really easy and it is also very rewarding. I have also found that the longer I have done it the better I got. This might even be one of my talents that I only recently discovered. You will only know once you try.

Take my advice and give the sexy chat lines a try you will be surprised how easy it really is and how naturally it comes after a while.