Blindfolded Fetish

Talk Free With Trial On Best Chatline NumberA blindfold fetish is something many people enjoy on a regular basis.  Before calling up the chat line, get prepared.  First I lie down on the silk sheets of my bed and make sure that my blindfold is on the nightstand. And then I’m ready to begin…

My name is Belinda, and I have a fantasy about being blindfolded. My ex thought that it was weird (this coming from Mr. Foot Lover himself). But the men that I have met on the chatlines don’t think so at all.  In fact, they love it!  And they love satisfying me, too.

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When I connect live one-on-one with guys and tell them about my fantasy.  My preference is when they command me to put the blindfold on.  Or better yet, describe exactly how they would put it on me.  Sometimes gently, while kissing my neck with whispering sighs.  Or sometimes roughly, by force.

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Tingling starts to spread during blindfold fetish

Once I have the blindfold on, I feel as if my senses are sharpened to a razor’s edge! Everything becomes more intense, including the tingling that starts to spread between my legs.  I guess that is why they call it a Blindfold Fetish.

If the man I’m chatting with doesn’t volunteer it, I usually ask him what he will do to me now that my sense of sight has been taken away.

Some men say that they would just look at me, staring and staring.  Sometimes right up close to my cunt.  Their faces so close they can feel the heat coming from it. I can perfectly imagine myself feeling their breath against the lips of my pussy and guessing at what they were doing.

Blissful torture with ice cubes or hot wax

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Then other men say that they would tickle me with feathers.  Or induce blissful torture with ice cubes or hot wax. Every skin particle in my body seems to burn intensely with sensation as they describe it. Sometimes I imagine it so vividly; I can almost physically feel it.

Sometimes they say that I feel a soft hand on my shoulder. And, being so in tune with my sense of touch, I know instantly that it is another person.

A woman, I guess, smelling her fragrant perfume. As she gets closer, I think that I can smell the wetness of her pussy, as well. This turns me on, and my heart beats faster.

Senses are overwhelmed

I feel another pair of hands. Both of them are touching me now. Sometimes they switch sides abruptly.  During blindfold fetish roleplay, my senses are overwhelmed. I am breathless, wondering what will happen next!

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The men on taboo chat always describe all of this, with my occasional input as well.  I start to slide my hands down my body, feeling myself.  Telling myself that these hands on me belong to someone else.  That I have no idea what they will do to me.

I slip my hand to my pussy, which by this time is always slippery. Sometimes I am trembling. I love when the men suddenly say that they are now inside of me!

I like when they say it abruptly, kind of without warning.  Because then I plunge my vibrator inside myself and gasp.  Often I feel genuinely surprised and taken off guard.

And, in the dark, the man’s voice continues in my ear… As my own hands translate his touch onto my body. I never have such amazing orgasms as I do at these times. Never.