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Taboo Chat is an Adult Fantasy Chatline service for hot, sexy men and women from all over North America, USA and Canada. First time callers 18+ call now for your 30 minute FREE trial.  Become a member to chat live.

Call Taboo Chat every day to exchange your wildest sex fantasies.  Your deepest desires that you have been unable to express. Your most seductive erotic stories.

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Engage intimately with hundreds of other like-minded callers.  Do you have secret fetishes of the forbidden kind?

Extreme role-play, BDSM, Dom-Sub fantasies you would like to manifest. Or real life kinky encounters you have experienced and want to share with others?

The Taboo Chat line is the perfect venue to do all these things -and more!  Things like erotic spanking, or being bound up and tied to a bed, acting as either the Submissive or Dominant –these are all common subjects chatted about.

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People from all walks of life find they are in need of an outlet for their deepest desires. Things they want to explore, but may not have a partner who understands what their needs are to achieve fulfillment.  Gaining satisfaction in all areas of life is vital to being a well rounded individual.

Satisfaction that can be easily obtained, in a completely anonymous way!  Callers never see your phone number.  When you’re on the chatline you can use a fake name and make up a whole different persona. In fact, the less personal information you divulge, the better.

Indulge in Private Phonesex Chat

Then you can really relax and be yourself, confident that it is safe and secure. Indulge in private phonesex chat like never before. You are in complete control of who you wish to connect with – or avoid, whenever you encounter someone beyond your comfort level.

Assuredly privacy is of everyone’s utmost concern these days. And nothing could be easier than the seemingly old-school method of calling a strictly phone-based service. Voice only connection is a very intimate mode of connecting. Its amazing to engage your brain, and unleash your imagination in new ways.

Fetish Communities form Lasting Bonds

Most of all, each of us like to feel connected, and have a sense of belonging to a group or community.  Fetish communities are a unique way to form lasting bonds. There are as many flavors of sexual preferences as there are individual people in the world.  Vast, diverse and ever emerging. You are likely to discover new things all the time.

Especially relevant are some of the more kinkier topics, including (but are not limited to) fetishes like men wearing diapers and comforted by “mommy”, extreme age role-play, blindfolded and flogged, wearing furry animals suits or dressing up in clothing of the opposite gender.  Is your fancy tickled now?

Getting started on Adult Phone Chat

Finally you are probably wondering, how do I get started on an adult phone chat line service? First and foremost -get comfortable! Find a quiet space, without background noise or distractions. You might play soft music to put you in the mood. Or rather you might play a porn video to get inspired, and ramp up your mood!

Especially relevant, you will need a quality phone with an unlimited calling plan. Even better if your mobile device is hands free equipped. You might find you need your hands for other most useful tasks… Wink wink! Oh so yeah, you might need a tube of lube nearby.

Gather Up Your Sex Toys

In addition to a comfy locale, your phone, and some lube – gather up your sex toys.  You never know what may happen when you call Taboo Chat.  Best to be prepared for the unexpected. For the ladies, you might have a variety of dildos, vibrators and nipple clamps (on my!).  Guys you might consider cock rings, anal beads or a masturbation sleeve.

While its a good idea to have in mind what you want to talk about, keep it simple.  The less detailed the better.  Being open minded allows for surprise encounters on Taboo Chat. Being too specific can sometimes limit your options.

Voice Prompts will Guide You Through

Finally when you find yourself ready to call, just dial 1-509-876-5988. Listen and the voice prompts will guide you through each easy-to-follow step. If you have called before, you can simply press 9 to fast forward through most prompts.  That will speed things up, and get you into the action much faster!


  • Dial in and create a voice recorded Greeting telling callers what you’re seeking
  • Then start Browsing the Greetings of other callers on the line
  • Choose who you’d like to send a Private Message to….OR
  • Send that person a Live Chat Request


  • Thousands of Women and Men call the Chat Line every day
  • Receive a Free 30 Minute trial when you’re a First-time Caller
  • Completely Anonymous and Private
  • Connect Randomly with total Strangers
  • Listen or Record Exotic Stories

And that’s really all there is to it! It can seem a little intimidating at first. But after you have called in a few times, you’ll easily master how it works.

Maybe you’re feeling excited, but also too shy to try it out?  Voyeurism is popular on the chatline.  It may be frowned upon out in the real world, but on the privacy of a one-on-one live phone connection it happens all the time.

Many callers are exhibitionists who literally come just knowing someone is listening to them getting their freak on.  Its a great way to get your feet wet, until you feel comfortable participating fully.

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