I was watching the matrix again after so many years. I was on the phone with one of my local regular sex chat callers, and I was amused when I saw Trinity get into the phone booth in the first part of the movie just before one of the agents hits her with the truck.

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She slams her hand on to the glass window in the phone booth and I thought to myself, damn I wonder if the last girl I spoke to hit her window the same way Trinity did when she climaxed after our sexy kinky conversation where I made her scream so loud I had to cover the telephone speaker so nobody could hear her scream.

For some reason I always imagine glass breaking when I fantasize about a sexy lady having an orgasm.

Maybe that’s because of this one time when I was intimately involved in a steamy hot conversation with this honey on the chat line and I was touching myself while I was lying back in my car with the seat down.

I had my legs stretched all the way to the windscreen and I was pressing against the windscreen with my feet.

As I had an orgasm I accidentally cracked my car window while I had a spasm of ecstasy. I think it was one of my most expensive climaxes ever. That just makes me want to jump back on the chat lines. Or try out the taboo cam site! There is nothing wrong with somebody talking you into having an orgasm.

Just make sure you have adequate space to stretch so that you can fully enjoy the moment without any unexpected events distracting you.

Life can’t always be like it is in the movies but it sure can be almost just as much fun on the sexy chat lines where you can say whatever you feel like saying and have a good time.