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If you are seeking Costume Roleplay Chat, you might have heard the phrase “Helllllo Nurse!” a time or two? Yeah well then you must also know, wink wink, that it refers to a very common version of sexual fantasy roleplay. One person can be the patient, laid up in bed.  While the other can play the nurse. Obviously more fun when the bedside manner goes WAY beyond the professional capacity.

costume role-play chat and slutty cosplay
Costume Role-play Chat Line

Other forms of Adult costume roleplay chat can include (but certainly not limited to) the ever ubiquitous French maid. Many men enjoy the fantasy of imagining they can sit back and watch the maid bend over and expose her ass while she whisks her feather duster around.

More Costume Roleplay Chat Scenarios

Or how about the forceful Policewoman ready to slap some handcuffs on you if you decide to act up. Many guys are surprised to find they climax when they’re roughed up. Maybe you’re a comic book geek who would prefer Supergirl or Wonder Woman coming to your rescue? That can easily be arranged. Its another unique form of the submissive role.

Costume Roleplay Chat With A Mistress FreeWhen you call up an Adult Fantasy Chatline you are bound to discover many callers ready and willing to engage in some costume roleplay chat (or Cosplay for short).  Just dial 1-509-876-5988 and if its your first time you can use a Free Trial to see if you like it.  Record a greeting telling callers what you are seeking and then you’ll be all set to go.  Browse the greetings and you will likely come across new fantasies you were not even aware of before. Jump right in and try it out! You’ll never know what might tickle your fancy.

Even MORE Costume Roleplay Chat ideas

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Costume Roleplay Chat
find a bunny to costume roleplay chat with
Bunny Costume Chat

There are so many more costume possibilities, such as the College Schoolgirl, futuristic space warrior, furry fox lady, and so many more that will be explored and explained in greater detail on other pages found on this site. So check back often, and explore the fetish list from the main menu.