Handcuffs Fantasy

Talk Free With Trial On Best Chatline NumberMany people, even on an adult chatline find my sexual adventures weird by no little means. I just love the thought of bondage. I love handcuffs most especially; the feel of those shiny, cold steel bracelets on my bare skin turns me on in a very crazy way. My pussy drips like a fountain. And depending on my mood, I have a variety of handcuffs in my toy box.

Bring myself to orgasm

On days I feel horny and lonely, I strip, cuff one of my hands to the bedpost while I gently use the other hand to manipulate my toys to bring myself to orgasm. Imagining my hands cuffed behind me while I kneel and take a huge dick in my mouth. Fantasizing a lot about cuffing and blindfolding a man while I use him for my pleasure.  I enjoy his curiosity and helplessness.

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Handcuff Fantasy Chatline

I love to share these fantasies with people, however the real kicker is that most people feel awkward and unsafe when I suggest playing down that line. They either botch or just get through with it once. Then they decide to not come back, which is very embarrassing for me.

Like minded people on Taboo-Chat

So its really nice knowing I can always find like minded people on Taboo-Chat.  Once I get connected in a live conversation, all I need to get started are my beautiful handcuffs, several sized dildos and my trusty vibrator.

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I found out about the chat line from a friend and I decided to try it. I love the fact that it allows you to express yourself and your fantasies to even total strangers without being seen as perverse or strange. I’m looking to meet men and women (I swing both ways) who share the same interest with me.  Or would not mind being introduced to the beautiful world of handcuffs.

If you are lucky enough to connect with me, I would tell you all about how wet I become when I feel the coolness of the metal pressing against my wrists. I would cuff myself and describe everything to you in great detail as I play with myself. How I love to be used, how much I enjoy being teased when all I can do is wriggle and writhe in pleasure. You will hear the slurp sound when I insert one of my toys in my juicy pussy.

Tell you how naughty I can be

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Handcuffs Fantasy Chat

I’d also tell you how naughty I can be, teasing your dick when I cuff you and dance for you, before I strip while I make you watch and wish. After which I will suck your already engorged rod until I’m so turned on I can’t stand it anymore.

I’ll probably free your hands and allow you to have your way with me so you can fuck my brains out. I would also love to hear from other people who are into handcuffs.  And other forms of bondage about new exciting ways to have fun.

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I hope to meet sweet people I can get comfortable with.  Enough to want to meet them in real life (because I’m a shy person till I feel I can be free with you) and probably try things out with them. I’m already chatting with some really cool people and I’m loving it in the meantime. I’d love to meet and chat with more people though, because my greatest desire is to enjoy myself to the fullest.