Are you accident-prone with your cell phone? If you are you might want to consider insurance for your smartphone or even just get it now.

In a recent survey, Consumer Reports found that over the last two years, half of the people surveyed had one major incident with their cell phone in their home. Wouldn’t you know, if there are kids in the house, that number goes up to a shocking 81 percent.

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Sans insurance coverage for your cell phone, the average cost to repair a cracked screen for an Apple iPhone 8 is $145 and even more for a Samsung Galaxy S8 plus, a whopping $277.

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Apple and Samsung sell their own protection plans, but don’t cover loss or theft. Coverage plans from the big two are really just extended warranties, not insurance plans. They only cover things like cracked screens or if the phone isn’t properly working.

Basically, if you think in two years you’re going to break your phone once or twice, you might want to look into insurance. Your other option for cell phone insurance is getting it through your provider.

All four major carriers cover repairs cover loss and theft, depending on your plan and your device.

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