You would expect to hear “Put your cell phone away!” from your professor, parents at the dinner table or your boss at work, but not at a concert. Well, that is happening now and it’s not the venue’s fault.

It’s the actual artists that are making concert goers leave their phones at the door. Concert goers at a Jack White concert in Henrietta, New York weren’t allowed to take their phones out during the concert.

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For concert-goers at the Jack White concert in Henrietta, it was all about connecting with the artist. They weren’t allowed to take their phones out during the concert. The artist wanted his fans to connect with him and his performance, not their phones.

Some concert goers and diehard Jack White fans said that White has been doing this for awhile and that White and his team hate when people are staring down at their phone the whole show. People couldn’t even dial into the free trial chatline during intermission!

Some concert goers were interviewed and there were mixed opinions, some didn’t mind putting away there phones but there were others who didn’t like not having a choice.

Because at a Jack White show and many other concerts these days it’s exactly that, a rule, not a choice. Before going into the concert at the Rochester Dome Arena, concert goers were required to put their phones into a “Yondr” pouch that they kept on them, but locked.

In order access to their phones, concert goers have to go to the designated Yondr sections within to unlock their pouch, they are usually located in the lobby or concourse. Yondr is being used for more than just fun events like concerts. Courtrooms are actually using this confined concept.

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