I used to be a shy and an under confident boy during my college days. I never had a girlfriend and I was afraid to even say a hello to a girl.

I used to dream about girls, sex and all the kinky stuff in my head but the lack of confidence always stopped me from achieving these things.

It was last year that I found out about cam sites. I was not sure if this would work for me but when I opened the Taboo Cam Girls for the first time, I was somewhat relieved.

For sign up, they did not ask a lot of questions which promised security and they even gave free credits which allowed me to try the platform before investing into their models.

I remember my first live cam latinas free trial. The girls in the category were all so hot. I enjoyed watching the Latinas flaunting their beautiful legs, rubbing their privates, fingering occasionally and asking for the gentlemen to call them for a private session.

I wasn’t ready for a one-on-one session yet. I had no idea how to talk to a girl and I was afraid to face such a beautiful woman.

I decided to keep my credits safe for a while until I am able to speak and be open about my thoughts. Being on the keyboard helped me escape the fear of speaking in public; and the free cam sites made me comfortable with the beautiful girls.

Fast forward 6 months and I found myself no more intimidated by beautiful women, or short of words when it came to impress women. I saw myself undergoing a major change mentally. I was now ready to have a one on one chat with anal cam girls.

I selected a cam. She was a blonde, very beautiful and into anal. We started by discussing how anal play works and how badly she needed a man like me to play with her anus and treat her like a slut.

I was totally into the cam thing now. I used all my free credits plus a few more that I bought with my credit card. After the session, I was feeling even more confident.

Next day when I went to college, I wasn’t timid and afraid of women any more. I was comfortable around beautiful girls. I started talking to my crush and life became easier all of a sudden.

Was it the cam girl that changed me? I think so.