If you have never found the right cam girl, there is something wrong with your approach to selecting the right girl. You are either not paying attention to the profile, or you are not looking at the right website.

One website that I recommend is the Taboo Cam Girls. This website serves several different categories and they have several cam girls in every single category available. The girls are experienced and love their work. Moreover, you get a little credit to try out the services before you pay anything.

Anyway, here is a step by step guide on how to select the right cam girl.

First, begin by selecting the right website. 99% of the websites are a scam. Thus, finding the right one can be difficult. You can either take my recommendation or search one for yourself.

How to select a website? Read some reviews, check their terms and conditions, cam chat with glamour women and decide for yourself if it works for you.

Next, select the category. If you are looking for a generic category, you will have hundreds of options to choose from. However, certain categories, like if you are looking for fetish cam chat women, the options comparatively decrease.

Nevertheless, go through the most popular and the most experienced girls in the category before you select one for your experience.

Once you have made up your mind, next thing to do is to select a girl that fulfills your list of desires. For example, I like to cam chat with cougars and therefore, I always select girls that look a little older and sexy.

I spend a good amount of time selecting the girl that gets my tokens and a chance to make me happy. A good way to find the right girl is by going through her profile and checking her free samples.

Finally, be decent and invite her for a one on one session. The girls earn better money when they perform privately. Therefore, a girl will always be interested in performing privately for you.

However, the length of the session depends on how much you want to pay or how long can you last. A good cam girl will make you feel wanted right from the first second. She will know what you need and make sure that you get everything worth your money.

Once done, tip the girl if you think she did a good job or just stayed with you till the end until you finished off.