A lot of first time users to the cam sites have no clue how to interact with a cam girl and make her remove her clothes and do crazy stuff. This little article here is going to guide you on how to approach a cam girl and tribute her just enough to do the dirty stuff that you like.

Now, I am no pro but I have spent enough time and money to watch horny cam models to help the beginners.

Never ever ask the first girl for the things you like. You have just started browsing the girls on the cam site. Do not hurry. There are several girls waiting for you, browse the categories, look at the girls, read their profiles and once you have read enough profiles, pick a girl that you would like to see.

Also, since this is your first time, I would recommend not going for the most popular models. Popular models usually charge a premium fee. I would recommend you to first make best use of the free credit that the website gives you before using your credit card.

Watch a free show before you finalize a girl. The free show does not contain nudity but it has enough dirty stuff for you to evaluate if you want a one on one session with a girl. Plus, in the public rooms, it is easy and safe to evaluate the temperament and attitude of the girl.

Next, before you jump in make sure that the girl you are going to pay has an interest in the same thing as you. You can check this by checking her tags and category, and what she does on the free cam.

Never be boring on the cam. A girl will never accept your request for a session if you are boring. The safest trick here is to be naughty and flirty. However, do not open fire at the first site, save some ammo for the ambush – if you know what I mean.

Horny cam models live love to see the animalistic side of their admirers but only in the private. In public, be decent and playfully fool around.

Finally, do not forget that these women are in this for the money (or token). The website gives you a certain amount of free token to try treat yourself to a free demo with your favorite girls on the website.