Society labels people as either being introverts or extroverts, but many people fall somewhere along a personality spectrum. On our hot chat line phone lines we find both introverts and extroverts, which creates a nice mix of conversationalists.

Just because someone is an introvert it doesn’t necessarily mean they are shy or antisocial. Typically introverts just enjoy carving out alone time for themselves because that is where they relax and recharge.

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Extroverts on the other hand thrive on the excitement and energy of being around people and typically being the life of the party.

But if you are an introvert that has enjoyed talking on our phone lines and you want to take some of that newfound enjoyment from social interactions to the streets, here are a few tips and tricks that you can try.

You’ve heard us talk about this one before for any newbie calling in to one of our phone lines for the first time and it works for introverts when they go out to parties as well. Do a bit of party pre-prep!

Think of a few things that you would like to talk about with other people and then get a conversation started. You will feel more comfortable entering a social situation with a few ideas of what to talk about.

This can range from a trending topic on social media, to a recent sporting event, or start up a chat about a vacation destination each person in your group would like to visit.

Another great tip for an introvert that’s hanging out in the extrovert lane is to bring a buddy if possible. If entering a social situation alone is hard for you, bring a wingman that can keep a conversation moving and draw out all of your awesomeness.

And lastly, if you feel yourself getting a little overwhelmed, it’s OK to take a break! Excuse yourself and get a bite to eat or maybe a refill at the bar. Then you can come back with your party face on and get back to it.

A really great way to practice your social conversation skills is on one of our taboo party lines. There are tons of great conversationalists there waiting for your call. So get comfortable on our call in lines and then get out there and socialize with the best of them!