My Crazy Ex-boyfriend

Chris (the now stalker boyfriend) and Jessica were once thought of as the “ideal couple”.  But that ended and now she’s moved on the Matthew.  But Chris is not one to roll over and accept things as they are.

He’s hardwired to pursue and recapture the heart of his dream girl, at any cost. Just like when you get on the Taboo Chatline, you’ll no doubt encounter callers who get truly fixated on what they desire most.  Behavior that most would consider stalking.

Adult Chatline In USA With The Most Action

Stalker Boyfriend Story


‘I just don’t understand it,’ Chris half-yelled, glaring furiously at Josh, who was going through the pictures of his ex-girlfriend. The guy was just so insensitive, not that Chris would call him out on it but still, a guy should know when to be sympathetic or to just shut up. Now he would start thinking about ‘her’ again not that he wasn’t before but at least he wasn’t consciously doing it then.

Finding Every Opportunity to get her back 

His relationship with Jessica had been going strong for four years before she broke up with him nearly six months ago. Chris is the classic stalker boyfriend, still hung up on her and has been finding every opportunity to get her back. He approaches her every chance he gets, obsessively follows her on social media.  Shadows her every movement and unknowingly makes her life a living hell.

He remembered the last time he stalked her at work, waiting till her lunch break to grab her. He had dragged her into an alley on a deserted street corner where he had prepared a picnic basket filled with her favorite fruits, exotic flowers, a gift card for a pedicure and her favorite decadent chocolates. When he released her from his hold on her, he had a huge shit eating grin on his face.

‘Tada! I brought you lunch, sweetness’ he whispered in her ear, fully believing that she would over the moon ecstatic.

‘You…freaking kidnapped me…’

Jessica was dumbfounded; too shocked to say anything for almost a minute before she finally turned to face him, ‘You… freaking kidnapped me…for a bunch of flowers?’ she stammered, shaking her head furiously when she saw he was preparing to explain himself.

‘Let me finish Chris, don’t even THINK of interrupting me!  I seriously thought you were better than this? I made it crystal clear that we are over.  Why can’t you just get it, I don’t want you anymore. I’m sorry you don’t like it, but I am done. Please, Chris, get a job, get a life of your own. You cannot rely on me forever. For once be a man and stand on your own. Okay?’ She’d said, staring him down.

Jessica had always been much more composed and mature than him. Intelligent, funny, hard-working and diligent. She loved classical music, and could play any of Beethoven’s symphony with her eyes closed.

Don’t pretend that I don’t exist

He had swallowed and said, ‘If you don’t like it, I can take it back and replace it with something better. I’m sorry it’s not good enough, I will do better next time. Or maybe dinner, yes I can take you for sushi, if that will make you happy. I promise not to overwhelm you or anything, just talk to me. Please, don’t pretend that I don’t exist,’ he had rushed to say, stumbling over his own tongue.

So he was left wanting her to stay. His only option being a voyeur, watching her from afar.  Utterly crestfallen, he was certain this time  she would leave. She had that determined look in her eyes; nothing he said would deter her from whatever she had decided to do.

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