Creepy Ex Boyfriend

‘You should know, ‘Creepy ex boyfriend’ is how my friends refer to you now,’ she cried.  ‘Please, Jessica, don’t leave me, I love you more than life. My world has been a wreck since you left. Let’s go back to how we were before all this drama,’ he was on his knees now, pleading with tears in his eyes, his voice cracking with the effort of keeping the tears at bay.Adult Chatline In USA With The Most Action

‘I know Chris, I loved you too, I still do but really, there is nothing for me with you. You were my first love but I have to put away childish things and move on with my life. You are dragging me down.

You belong in my past. Please, let go now, so we can both stop hurting. Seeing you here like this, it pains me.  Makes me feel like you really ARE a creepy ex boyfriend, which I am sure hurts you as well.’

She paused for a second before quietly stepping away from him gently, almost as if she was worried he would grab her again before turning to him at the mouth of the alley.

Stop stalking me…

‘Don’t look for me again Chris, stop stalking me. I literally look over my shoulder all the time because of you. I’m not a criminal so I should not have to do that, and if you don’t stop it, you’ll leave me with no choice but to get the police involved.’

‘You wouldn’t…’ he’d breathed, more shocked than ever before, that she would threaten him with cops. He shook his head violently, lurching to his feet as he tried to rush towards her.

She had lost her cool then, her eyes wide with panic, with the way he was advancing towards her, ‘I swear Chris if you really keep this up, I will have to get a restraining order. Don’t you understand? We. Are. Done!’ she said as she fled as though the hounds of hell were after her.  He watched as she hailed a taxi as soon as she sighted one.

She ran away…I still love her

‘She ran away from me dammit!’ he yelled at Josh. ‘We loved each other, I still love her, I don’t know what the hell went wrong, but she can’t just break up with me without explaining the real reason. I won’t let her,’ he ranted

‘What about the reasons she already gave man?’ Josh asked, calmly eyeing him in case he showed any more violent tendencies.

‘They are not true. She was lying. I don’t believe it,’ he’d replied stubbornly refusing to even glance at his friend. He knew he was only being childish now but he couldn’t seem to stop it.

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