Young Women Who Chat With Older Guys

‘What is your name? You are obviously a student here and not a freshman like me, otherwise you wouldn’t think I’m one of those young women who chat with older guys,’ she concluded looking satisfied when he looked like he had lost even more ground.

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‘You’re a piece of work’ he mumbled shaking his head and smiling tolerantly. He was a guy used to being in charge and it seemed like this little vixen had no intention of even shifting ground for him.

He liked her already. And yeah he was a sucker for young women who chat with older guys. Himself included!  She was stunning, with sexy smoldering eyes that could not simply pull a man in, but consume him whole. He shook his head, what had he been thinking? He just wanted to help a few of the freshmen from looking so lost.

He eyed her almost warily

‘My name is Matthew, and I am on the student council. My job today is helping as many freshmen as possible to get settled in with little to no trouble,’ he eyed her almost warily, before adding, ‘If you need anything, you need only ask alright?’

She absentmindedly nodded her head once in response, and seemed to not have heard what he had said. He on the other hand was looking a bit annoyed.  By this time, many girls would already be swooning at his feet.  But this tiny sultry redhead seem poised to gut him, rather than give him the time of day. He wanted to shake her just for good measure.

She looked up at him suddenly

She looked up at him suddenly before saying almost as though forced, ‘I need to get a cab’.  He looked perplexed before saying a bit too loudly, ‘Why?’

‘Well, my mom is an alumnus of the school. She told me my apartment is on the other side of the campus, opposite Marilyn Hall’, she said in a mumble.

He strode more purposefully then, saying just loud enough for her to hear, ‘This should do then.’ She wondered what he meant. He walked straight to a car.

She laughed hysterically, getting him confused

That got her eyes literally bugging out of her head, but she could not voice the question she wanted to ask him. He found that often the case, with young women who chat with older guys.  Instead she laughed hysterically, getting him confused as he asked ”Is there a problem?”

”No, no, not at all.  It’s just that I don’t have the money to hire a personal driver with a fancy car. I will just wait for the smaller cabs to come.” She said with confusion written all over her face.

He’s far too good looking to be a cab driver

Her first though was, he’s far too good looking to be a cab driver.  And secondly, the make, model and very top notch state of the car seemed largely out of place for campus use.  Is this a Tesla she was seeing?

“C’mon its not a problem, hop in and let me drop you off.” As he tried to help her with her luggage to the trunk of the car, he burst out into a loud laugh.

She wondered what could have been the cause of the sudden laughter.  Or if there was something wrong with her luggage that he was helping her out with.

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