Virtual Girlfriend Fantasy

Feeling like a virtual girlfriend fantasy for Chris, Jessica started to worry. After she got the letter from the College informing her that she got in, she went off to Chris’s to spend some time with him. She was excited to share the good news.

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She knew he wouldn’t be as happy about it as she was. Since obviously it would put a lot of physical distance between them.  But she hoped that he would still wish her well and accept her decision.

Travel the World before settling down

He had wanted to marry her immediately, travel around the world together for a year before they settled down. Then, if she still wanted to go to college, she could. Jessica had refused. That was never her plan.

He had even tried to get her to defer her admission until the following year.  Even that was too much; she had flat declined. Then he asked her to apply to the college in New Jersey.  She saw the trap for what it was and refused pointedly.

”Do you really have to go to Houston? I mean, you can study here in New Jersey” he had said that as he spooned behind her on the bed.  Feeling like he wasn’t really connecting with her, had pulled her even closer to himself.

He pressed his hard cock against her firm ass

Then he pressed his hard cock against her firm ass. Emphatically reminding her of their physical connection. “You will end up being my virtual girlfriend fantasy woman! We won’t be able to have real sex. It will only be masturbation chat for us then,” he teased.

”Yes baby, you know I have to go. It’s a chance to study at my dream college. You know I can’t pass up an opportunity like that besides it is the best college in the US. You should be grateful I’m not going to the Sorbonne or Oxford or some other distant place,” she answered, her head on his chest.

”What about us? What will happen to us? I am worried Jessie, I don’t want to lose you to some pretender. Some guy who thinks he can do better than me. Or some lame doofus with an awesome I.Q. who happens to be super freak,” he’d said with a frown on his face.

You’re my BEST and only friend

”Nothing is going to happen to us, baby. I don’t have it in me to be your virtual girlfriend fantasy. You know I love you as much as you love me. In fact, I love you more than you do me. You’re my best and only friend, you know.” she said as she kissed him deeply.

Eventually they wound up wrapped around each other. As they continued kissing and talking about mundane things, like possibly having a threesome with a lipstick lesbian.  Anything to take their minds away from the apparent separation.

Later that day when Chris took Jessica back to her parent’s home in his car, he had called out to her as she stepped out of his car.

Ecstatically Hopeful they could Build Something

‘Jessica!’ she’d turned to face him immediately thinking she had probably forgot something in his car. Ecstatically hopeful that maybe they could build something. Something more than a virtual girlfriend fantasy.

‘I’ll come pick you in the morning, and remember that I love you okay?’ he yelled after her.

She yelled right back at him waving wildly as she watched him drive away, ‘I love you too” and the she had walked into her house with a contented smile on her face.

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