Masturbate With Taboo Sluts

Women often wonder if men get on chatlines and masturbate with taboo sluts.  Jessica was having this thought right now.  She noticed the basketball jersey lying on the back seat of the car.  She asked him ”Do you watch basketball?”

masturbate with taboo sluts
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He smiled and answered ”I not only watch basketball, I play basketball.  I am also the captain of the school’s basketball team”. She rolled her eyes sarcastically. Giving him a look too bland to have been anything else, she told him ‘I was wondering that you looked a little like Chewbacca, you know’. She finished with a smirk. Big hands, big feet.

Compare Me to Chewie

‘Did you just compare me to Chewie?’ He asked her looking horrified at the prospect that she might be serious about it. It was her turn to look surprised, ‘You watch Star Wars?’ she asked incredulously.

‘I’m human, aren’t I? Why wouldn’t I watch Star Wars, it is my all-time favorite’ he said proudly wearing such a satisfied look. One would have thought he was personally involved in the making of the movie, or any of its franchises.

Jessica looked stumped, she was not expecting that. Her phone rang out, she had to mumble apologies while fishing for it in her purse. She saw who was calling, the light in her eyes shining even brighter.  Matthew had to swallow, it was almost too much for him to handle, she was toxic in a good way to him without even realizing her charm and beauty.

She gushed like a river

‘Hey babe! I’m on my way to my apartment. A student council member helped me. I know I said I’d call first thing.  It’s just been so hectic. Luck is really with me, you know’ she had gushed out like a river overflowing its banks. Matthew snorted, disgustingly.  More to hide the fact that he was really disappointed that she had a boyfriend already.

He did not hit on girls who had boyfriends. It was easier to masturbate with taboo sluts. She looked over at him as she dropped the call with a thankful smile. He had to wipe away the disappointed look very speedily, smoothing his features to indifference.

They looked good together

He backed the car into a parking slot and got out to help carry her luggage into the dorm walking easily beside her. She didn’t realize how good they looked together, striding in like that.

He finally stopped where her room was. She pulled on the door and it opened easily. Her name was on the door inside the room. He dropped her stuff near the foot of the bed and turned to leave, she planted herself in his way.

”Thanks, I really appreciate the help. It was needed”, she said ”By the way, you can call me Jess, I prefer that to Jessie or Sica”

”Well, I am Matthew, don’t call me Matt or Mattie, I’ll kill you if you do.” He said looking amused as they shook hands.

‘It was nice meeting you.’

‘Yeah, you too, see you around.’ Matthew smiled and nodded. He turned to walk away.  On a whim turned back to ask for her number. She gave it to him. He turned to leave bidding her a fun time at Houston.  As he walked away, Jessica remained standing at the door admiring him.

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