You got to know someone on the chat lines that you really click with and have decided to meet in-person for the very first time! Congratulations! This will be the first time you see you phone boo in-person and the first time that he or she will see you.

There are things you can do to prepare for the first in-person date that may make you feel more confident for the date.

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First of all, where you will meet will determine how you dress. It’s important to look like you but you do not have to over do it when it comes to your appearance. By this time, you probably have shared pictures with your phone friend.

If not, your phonesex fuck friend probably knows you enough that looks become a secondary thing to them at this point. Just be yourself and wear something that makes you confident in your own skin.

Another tip to consider is to remember to be yourself and possibly bring up what you have talked about over the phone with your new phone friend. This could make your phone friend happy because you showed that you remember what your phone friend and you talked about in the past.

It’s also always to bring things up to possibly talk about certain things more in-depth in person.  On Taboo Chat you can connect one on one and chat about your secret fetish.

This is a great step in phone dating. You probably know what you and your new phone friend want from meeting in-person as you are likely on the same page but before your in-person date, you can always have a conversation about expectations and what one another wants moving forward to be sure.

It may make you feel more comfortable to know what both of you want together and the pace you are both comfortable with. Have a great time with your first in-person date with your phone friend.