Bust a Nut With Nasty Women

Considering whether you need to bust a nut with nasty women?  On that particular day, when Jessica was leaving her early morning shift work to school, it was raining heavily that she had to hide under a shed along the road. She wondered for long how she was going to get to school that day. While she was thinking, a very familiar car parked right beside her. From the inside of the car came a voice;

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”Are you going to come in or not?” as the driver wound down the glass of the car, she peeped in only to see Matthew. Immediately, she was relieved and she hopped into the car in her wet dress.

I am Already Soaked Wet

”Thank you very much”, she said, ”I have been waiting here for almost an hour pondering on how I was going to get to school. I was just going to brave the rain since I am already soaked wet. I hope you don’t mind that I’m going to get your car a bit wet.”

”It’s nothing dear. So, what are you doing around this place very early in the morning? He asked.

”I come to work here with the laundry place very early in the morning every day. I need to make enough money to care for myself and my parents” she said.

Looking a little bit confused, Matthew asked, ”Cater for yourself and your parents? What do your parents do, I thought it should be the other way around?”

With a Tired Look and A Sigh

For a few minutes, she was silent. With a tired look and a sigh, she finally spoke, ”I am from a very poor family. My dad lost both hands while working for a chemical producing company. He was not given any compensation and it was impossible for us to take the issue to court as a result of some binding contracts he had signed before getting the job.

As an uneducated man looking for ways to provide for his family, he had no choice. Also, we do not have the financial ability to hire the service of a very competent lawyer. It became impossible for him to do almost everything because of the trauma he experienced as a result of the accident.

I Had To Take A Job As A PSO

Ever since then, things have been so hard for us. I had to take a job as a PSO on one of those bust a nut with nasty women chatlines.  Or taboo talk chat lines.  My mum stopped working because she had to be at home to attend to my dad’s needs. Since then, it has been my responsibility to provide for the family.

As a lesson from my dad’s accident and the events that led to it, I decided that I wanted to go to school at any cost. I work really hard to send myself to college. For me to remain in college and to keep my family alive, I have to continue working.”

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