Join The Mile High Club

The next day, Chris drove Jessica off to the airport, all the while imagining how it would be to join the mile high club with her. For two hours, they waited in each other’s arms talking, occasionally kissing. While waiting for her departure, they stuck together for the entire two hours. They were like twins about to be separated from each other.

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They were happy. At the same time, they were sad that they would be apart for some time. Jessica had placed her head on Chris’s shoulder while he kept running his fingers through her red hair and tugging on it gently.

Do You Always Have Sex on The Brain

‘I’ll come with you if I could right now just to see you settle in you know?” he said, “We could even join the mile high club!”  She playfully slapped at his chest, “Chris, do you always have sex on the brain, or what?” she said.

Their banter was interrupted by the voice over the loudspeaker: ”Flight 227, New Jersey to Houston will be leaving in the next thirty minutes. All passengers get ready to board now please. Thank you’. ”That’s my flight” she said as they both got up.

Chris helped her to move her luggage as she walked to go board the plane after giving him one last quick kiss. ”Call me when you arrive at Houston” he said. She nodded as she walked through the terminal to go board the plane.

Possibly Have Sex in Such a Cramped Space

During her flight she couldn’t help glancing at the signage for the bathroom, over and over, day dreaming how exactly it would be to join the mile high club. Could she and Chris even manage to possibly have sex confined in such a cramped space? She giggled thinking of all the various bruises they might inflict on themselves, just attempting it!

She also smiled shyly at the beautiful flight attendants, wondering why they don’t wear those cute uniforms they used to.  And all guys seem to continue fantasizing about.  Maybe she should visit the costume store soon and surprise Chris.

She Just Won a Million-Dollar Jackpot

When her plane landed a couple hours later, she walked out of the airport into the cool Houston morning grinning from ear to ear with such joy one would think she just won a million-dollar jackpot. Jessica finally arrived at the Houston College. Finally, her dream being fulfilled.

Jessica stepped out of the cab with elation at the college premises. For a while she stared at the hustle and bustle of college life, it was the beginning of a new session. It was all she dreamed it would be.

There were lots of other freshmen on the first day, like her. Some had their parents with them, they were looking really harassed, and others simply looked lost and frightened. Grinning cheekily, she got her stuff out of the cab.

She Had To Pull and Drag and Heave

She had never had a lot of possessions so, what she had to carry was not much. Still, it was heavy enough that she had to pull and drag and heave.  A guy walked up to her and suddenly lifted her bag like it was nothing, while easily keeping strides with her.

He didn’t even break a sweat as he turned to look at her where she had gone very still, staring at him in astonishment. ‘You looked like you need help,’ he said with a rumbling bass voice, not the kind one would expect from a guy of his looks, but it fit, somehow it did.

‘It also seems to me freshman, that you are the sort who is too proud to ask for help, even if you’re dying, true?’ he asked her, winking to remove the bite from his words. At his wink, Jessica seemed to remember herself.

She Had Made Him Properly Bothered

She gave him such a baleful look. He was suddenly wary, looking like he had indeed said too much already. ‘Thanks for carrying my bag for me,’ she said once she had made him properly bothered. She was a firm believer of putting a man in his place more often than not.

She had learned that if you didn’t, he would just walk all over you. Before he could let out another word, she continued as if she didn’t see him trying to say something to her first.

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