Connect in Roleplay Chat

She thought maybe they were about to connect in roleplay chat. ‘What is the problem? She asked ”Is it the zipper of the bag? Is it worn out? It belongs to my mum. My dad bought it for her when they got engaged. It really is old but I love it. Using it makes me feel closer to my parents. I cherish it.” She said emotionally. At this point, he stopped laughing.

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”That is lovely,” he said. “It’s not the bag, dear. I just realized that you thought of me as a cab driver. It really is funny”. She was decidedly looking more confused asked, ”So you mean you’re not a cab driver?”

I Wouldn’t Mind Fulfilling That Fantasy

”Hell no! C’mon take a look at me, do I look like a cab driver? I wouldn’t mind fulfilling that fantasy for you though. Consider it a way to connect in roleplay chat.” He replied. Irritated by his response, she asked, ”Is anything wrong with cab drivers? Are they not humans? And what do cab drivers look like?”

”My apologies, nothing is wrong with cab drivers, and of course they are humans like the both of us. There is no particular way they look. In fact, they are a very important part of our community as they provide us with transport services which are very important and also help us to ease transport difficulties. But still, do I really look like one?”

She asked, looking very mischievous and naughty

She looked at him and smiled as she put her luggage in the trunk. ”No, you don’t. But still it might be fun to think you’re at my beck and call.” She said to herself. Still confused, she asked again, ”But what are you doing here if you are not a cab driver? You certainly aren’t wearing the uniform. Are you just here to show off your ride?” She asked looking very mischievous and naughty.

“You see, at the beginning of every new session, students like myself who have cars come to the airport to assist fresh students in order to ease the congestion at the airport and to reduce the long queue of students waiting for cabs. I didn’t want to go to the airport. Don’t blame me if I don’t want my baby scratched or dirtied.” He said looking frazzled.

Sighing so dramatically she thought he was lying

He continuing hurriedly, “This session you are going to be my first passenger so technically we can connect in roleplay chat, and you can call me a cab driver”. They both laughed as they continued the journey. While entering in the car, she had noticed the sticker of the school’s political appellation on the dash board.

She asked if he was involved in the school’s politics, he nodded his head in the affirmative. He then told her after sighing so dramatically she almost thought he was lying, that he was currently the school’s student union president.

Well, the expression on her face was enough to tell that she did not like being in the spotlight or with people in the spotlight, she preferred those that keep to themselves.

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